Pervious Concrete

When it rains, pervious concrete drains...

A demonstration of water draining rapidly through pervious concrete pavement

Stormwater Runoff: The Pervious Concrete Solution

March 23, 2010—

Produced by the British Columbia Ready Mixed Concrete Association, this five-minute video illustrates the sustainable and economic benefits of pervious concrete in mitigating stormwater runoff.

See Green Building Technology in use at St Anne's Belfield Middle School, VA: Click on "Green Features"

A joint project between Allied Concrete and VRMCA. 

Watch and listen to NPR's Science Friday show on Pervious Pavement

June 24, 2011—

Final UNH Pervious Concrete Video:

UNH Pervious Concrete: 1500 Gallons in 3.5 minutes

June 20, 2008—

This video demonstrates 1500 gallons of water

passing through pervious concrete in 3.5 minutes.

Progressive Concrete—Glendale Park & Ride

March 25, 2008—ABC News—

Arizona's first NRMCA Certified Pervious Concrete Technicians, Progressive Concrete Works, Inc., have placed and finished 140,000 square feet of 'green concrete' for the Glendale Park and Ride.

ASU Art Museum Pervious Parking Lot

June 11, 2007—NCE Smart Blog

This outstanding video, produced by Arizona State University student Jon Nicol, shows the placement of a pervious concrete parking lot in front of the ASU Art Museum in the Nelson Fine Arts Center on the Tempe campus.

(Click on the play button in the screen to start the video.)

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