About Us

We are the Massachusetts Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association!

MaCAPA is an active trade association that represents the ready-mix concrete industry in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Many of our efforts are focused in the areas of promotion, education, government affairs, advocacy, technical support, safety and environmental matters. Our first priority is always to represent the ready-mix concrete industry to the highest standard.


Our ultimate promotion goal is to increase the use of ready-mix concrete related to buildings and pavements. We do this through outreach to the designers, project owners, developers, municipalities and others. Many of these discussions and efforts start with educating these groups on our products and how our concrete can provide cost effective solutions for their projects. We continue to educate and develop relationships with these entities to further our industry and support the construction community with our concrete knowledge and experience.


MaCAPA has a wealth of experienced and talented members who are always willing to educate those looking for help. Whether it is a contractor, MassDOT, or a project owner, MaCAPA is a great resource to the industry for material, product innovation and application knowledge.

MaCAPA has proprietary rights to proctor the NRMCA Concrete Exterior Flatwork Certification Course in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This “Lifetime” certification is a hand on, comprehensive training course developed specifically to teach “best practices” for the installation of exterior concrete pavement. This is a nationally recognized course and is specified requirement for MassDOT contractors and others. For anyone placing any type of exterior concrete flatwork, this course will provide all the training necessary for the success of any concrete project.

For more course information check out our Education Page or call the MaCAPA office at 1-508-320-9070.


Through the support of our Board of Directors, we have created a robust advocacy arm of the association here in Massachusetts. With the help of our lobbyist, MaCAPA members, and national association partners, we’ve had great success advocating for the ready-mix concrete industry. We advocate for our industry in a variety of ways. We currently have two active pieces of legislation ongoing and we are always tracking legislation that could potentially affect our industry and members.

Check out our Advocacy Page for more information.

Meeting & Events

At its core, one of the biggest benefits of belonging to MaCAPA is the opportunity to gather as an industry. MaCAPA holds several meetings and social events throughout the year that range from general membership dinner meeting with guest speakers, at Ken’s Steakhouse in Framingham, to our annual golf outing and annual deep-sea fishing tournament out on Cape Cod. All our events are great networking opportunities and are well attended and supported by our members.


The MaCAPA Tech & Spec Committee is an active group! This committee, made up of the best material minds in the industry, meet periodically throughout the year. A small core group of the committee also meets with the Research & Materials team at MassDOT on a regular basis to work on industry issues, innovation, and MassDOT specifications.

To learn more, visit our Tech & Spec Committee page.