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One of MaCAPA’ s primary goals is to provide industry knowledge & material education to DOT’s, engineers, architects, contractors and developers across Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We welcome the opportunities to provide all type of support to all industries, as it relates to the use of ready-mix concrete. Our members have decades of material and project experience and are willing to share their knowledge with the construction and design industries. MaCAPA also has access to several national industry associations for and additional product and application knowledge. Check out our Promotional Partners Page for more information on some of the resources we have available to us here at MaCAPA.

In 2019 MaCAPA became a certified instructor of the NRMCA Concrete Exterior Flatwork Finishers Certification course. This lifetime certification provides attendees with material knowledge, proper forming and placement techniques, as well as best practices for finishing and surface protection for exterior concrete flatwork. This course will give attendees the knowledge they need to install long lasting, durable, concrete sidewalks and exterior pavement.

For details on the NRMCA course or other educational needs, please email the MaCAPA office at , or call 1-508-320-9070.



NRMCA Exterior Flatwork Certification Outline”…. A nationally recognized life time certification course.

The NRMCA Concrete Exterior Finishers Certification

February 2021 NRMCA Exterior Concrete Finishers Certification Class

On February 17th MaCAPA held an NRMCA Exterior Concrete Finishers Certification class at Newport Construction in Nashua, NH.

All the staff at Newport couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating!!

Thanks to everyone involved for making this class a great success!!…Craig

NRMCA Concrete Exterior Finishers Certification Class — Gallery