EPD Grant Program

Program and Grant Background

Environmental Program Declarations (EPDs) are quickly growing to meet marketplace demand for increased transparency on climate and environmental impact in concrete mixes. EPDs can be customized to individual ready-mix plant operations and materials. After EPD software and information is set up for an individual plant, it is possible to deliver instant EPD data for any concrete mix. Often compared to a “nutrition label”, EPDs show the life cycle impact (on measures such as greenhouse gas impact, stratospheric ozone depletion, water systems impact, etc.) of all components of a concrete mix, without disclosing the specific recipe of the mix. EPDs are published by third party program operators who verify the information and ensure it complies with ISO 21930 and the North American PCR for Concrete, NSF International, August 2021 v2.1. When concrete EPDs are available, EPD data is presented in a standardized way, which makes it possible for structural engineers, designers, and other customers who specify concrete to compare the environmental and climate impact of different mixes and to specify on a structural performance basis while minimizing emissions impact rather than on a less desirable “maximum cement” or other prescriptive basis.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) has partnered with the Massachusetts Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association (MaCAPA) to support Massachusetts Ready Mix Producers in setting up and generating EPDs for their plants.

Grant Amounts and Eligibility

This funding is intended to partially offset the costs of concrete plant set up in EPD concrete software and generating third-party site specific EPDs. Massachusetts Concrete Ready-Mix Producers will be eligible for the following grants:

  • $3,000 per plant with at least 5 acceptable third party verified EPDs
  • An additional $1,000 per company with only 1 or 2 plants

Ready Mix producers must be able to demonstrate they have published at least five (5) acceptable third party verified EPDs per plant and demonstrate they are set up to provide instant EPDs for the majority of mixes they produce upon request of customers.

Grant Requirements

Ready mix plants may use any software and 3rd party verification party that provides instant plant- specific Type III EPDs complying with ISO 21930 and the North American PCR for Concrete, NSF International, August 2021 v2.1. Participation of concrete plants and reimbursement is anticipated for two years after official launch of the initiative, although this period may change based on federal EPD support efforts and/or industry feedback. This initiative is meant to kickstart MA concrete EPDs until federal support is available.

EPD Grant Program Presentation

EPD Grant Program Application

Finding EPD's in EC3