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Members Meeting 1/13/2016
Wednesday 13 January 2016, 05:00pm
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Join us to learn about a major challenge facing our industry. The Wood Industry is working diligently, and spending millions of dollars, to take over the low- to mid-size building market. Greg Lewis will bring us up to speed on what is going on nationally, what the NRMCA’s plan is to protect our market and what we can do to help. Also, Pat Reardon will tell the incredible story of the Edgewater, New Jersey fire and how a group of people, from a variety of industries, are keeping the story alive in order to try and change the building codes in that state. Both gentlemen are well informed and passionate about this issue. You don’t want to miss this meeting.

For more information, email Craig Dauphinais at [email protected] or click here for the meeting registration form.


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